BITE Nutrition Team

The BITE Nutrition Team is a group of coaches and health professionals with years of experience in working with nutrition and training clients. Different strategies work for different folks at different times. Some people like to track macros, some prefer to eat more intuitively. Some do better with higher fats and lower carbs, some do better with lower fats and moderate carbs. Working one-on-one with a skilled, caring, and dependable coach allows you to discover what works best for YOU at any given time.

Our coaches are collaborative and like-minded while bringing diverse backgrounds, experience and strengths. This allows us to consult with one another to give you the best possible plan. You work with one coach directly, but benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our entire team.

Are you a trainer or nutrition coach interested in joining a collaborative, supportive team? We’re always looking for like-minded, qualified coaches to join us. Please contact us and we’ll be in touch!

Catharine Adams
Laura Koller
Gina Patterson







Tammy Pennington
Liz Rook
Dan Webster