Catharine Adams

Catharine Adams is the co-founder of BITE Nutrition, a personal trainer, Certified Pre- & Postnatal Coach, and Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach. She was first introduced to the importance of health and fitness when she began working as a care-worker/counselor at a world-renowned eating disorder clinic. She later combined her active lifestyle and desire to care for and help others, opening and running a sports nutrition supplement store for several years. Catharine provided expert advice to her many clients – from sports enthusiasts to world class athletes.


The next chapter of Catharine’s life led her to a wonderful marriage, three amazing children, and a new passion for teaching music. Throughout these years, she continued to pursue the outdoors and healthy living. She has endlessly researched the fields of fitness and nutrition, and has transformed her strength and body composition by utilizing this knowledge. She soon found her experience was in demand, which led her to a career as a nutritional coach and personal trainer.

Catharine is uniquely skilled in listening to her clients, assessing their needs, and understanding their challenges. This caring and personal approach allows her to a create custom, tailored, results-based program for each individual.

For clients to realize their full potential, a coach must build a strong relationship with her clients. Catharine achieves this by developing trust through honesty, empathy and genuine care. Combined with her extensive background and experience, her collaborative and positive approach produces results. She believes that with the proper guidance, commitment, and dedication, anyone can achieve their goals. Catharine truly brings out the best in her clients!


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