How to improve your day with one 30-second habit

Written by BITE Coach Catharine Adams

My fellow BITE coach Jill Dilg recently recommended one of her favorite productivity tools: The Panda Planner. Jill describes it as the best tool for improving focus and organization when you have a lot going on. I’m currently building a business, coaching clients, keeping up with three busy teenagers, supporting my husband and trying to keep on top of my own personal goals (continuing my education and making fitness a priority), so I’ve got a lot of balls in the air.

I definitely needed some help, so I ordered it right away. Of the different boxes to fill in each day, some were supposed to be filled in first thing in the morning, others before bed. One of the morning boxes was “Affirmation”.

I’ll be honest — it seemed silly. Images of Stuart Smalley’s SNL skit played in my head. What the heck was I going to put in there? It’s taken about a month, but after an initial struggle, a theme started to emerge. One morning, while thinking about my training, I wrote:

“I Am Strong.”

Last weekend, I decided to get back to a course I had put off for a year. After two days of being unable to focus, I finally had a great day of studying. This time I added a bit to it:

“I Am Strong. I Am Smart.”

It still seemed silly, but after a few days of writing it when I woke up, then reading it before bed, I really started to feel it. I finished my course with a great score and in record time. I had also joined one of my 1:1 coaching clients in abstaining from alcohol for a month, and was on Day #17. I added the final touch:

“I Am Strong. I Am Smart. I Am Able.”

It was a feeling I hadn’t felt forever, a long-lost thought coming to the forefront. It felt good.

What’s your affirmation? What are you telling yourself every day when you come up against adversity? A little progress each day can change your mindset and add up to powerful results.


Catharine Adams is the co-founder of BITE Nutrition, personal trainer and PN1 certified nutrition coach. Combined with her extensive background and experience, her collaborative and positive approach produces results. She believes that with the proper guidance, commitment, and dedication, anyone can achieve their goals. Want to work with Catharine? Sign up here!

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