Jordy Milstein

Jordy Milstein is our resident Aussie, which makes her instantly awesome. She has a Bachelor’s degree in International Development but realized through her own weight loss journey that she had a real passion for working in the health and fitness industry. She is a qualified personal trainer, has worked as a nutritional coach for the past several years and is a Level 1 Precision Nutrition certified coach.

Jordy overcame a lifetime of being overweight, losing 30kg (66 pounds) through proper diet and nutrition practices. Having grown up in a ‘foodie’ household with a mother who is a chef and cheesemaker, she understands the daily struggle of being surrounded by temptation, and has found a balance between being able to enjoy life and still work towards her goals.

While on a skiing trip to Whistler in 2010, Jordy snapped her ACL which led to a long road of surgery and rehabilitation. It was during that process that she started becoming more active and working towards a better version of herself. She accidentally got involved in Crossfit with a friend in 2011 and has been an avid Crossfitter ever since, competing at the RX level in a number of Crossfit competitions, including the Granite Games in the US. While Jordy thrives on the camaraderie of suffering through brutal WODs with her fellow athletes, she is always happiest when she has a barbell in her hands! Although she has never been a ‘natural athlete’, Jordy loves the feeling of pushing her body’s limits and testing what she’s truly capable of.

Jordy’s extensive knowledge of what it takes to fuel your body for performance and life is invaluable to her clients. She is truly invested in her clients and thrives on seeing clients succeed, both in their athletic endeavors and their daily lives. Her past experience of being overweight gives her a unique perspective and understanding when it comes to approaching her clients needs. She knows what it’s like to turn your life around and embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle, even if that’s not what comes naturally to you.

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