Laura Koller

Laura has been CrossFitting since December 2008. She became Level I CrossFit Certified in February 2009, and is also CrossFit Endurance Certified, CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified, and CrossFit Mobility Certified. Laura coached at No Excuses CrossFit for three years and headed up a CrossFit Running program there for two years. Laura was also the original Organizer of USA FIT Gwinnett for 3 years. She has run 8 marathons, along with many half marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks. In addition, she has competed in several local CrossFit competitions.

Laura knows what it is like to be the “chubby one.” She spent her teen years basically inactive, never feeling comfortable with sports – especially after coming in dead last in a track relay event in high school. She didn’t start consistently working out until a few months before getting pregnant with baby #3, and that was just at home using The Firm videos. After the baby she finally joined a gym and LOVED the environment. The group classes kept her going in often and she finally realized she was stronger and more athletic than she ever imagined she could be. She did traditional body building, step classes, body pump style classes, treadmill running, and more.

At some point Laura felt like she didn’t have time for everything and so chose to just run and train for marathons. It was then that things began to fall apart. Even with running 35-50 miles a week regularly for three years she was gaining weight and getting chubby again. It seemed crazy and was certainly not what she expected. Then came deciding to pay for a personal trainer. That personal trainer, Jerome, introduced her to CrossFit concepts which eventually led her to find a local CrossFit gym. And that is where the fun, and an obsession with CrossFit, began.

With Laura you have someone who understands not only what it is like to be overweight and a non-athlete, but she also understands being an over-40 woman who can’t always do what the 20-somethings do and who needs more recovery time than those young’ns. That doesn’t mean she won’t push you to reach for new limits and try new things if she thinks you are capable – she will!


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