Liz Rook

Liz Rook loves to learn. She has earned two master’s degrees — in Public Health and Bioethics, and holds a doctorate in a health-related field. She has both a personal and professional interest in nutrition as it relates to autoimmune diseases, the psychology of eating, and the gut-brain connection.

Liz was a competitive gymnast growing up, then stopped exercising for a few years and gained weight. When she started back to a healthier lifestyle, she also changed her food intake and habits. She has made great strides in both her personal and professional life since then, realizing that great nutrition really is the cornerstone of health.

In her work for a healthcare company, she has a passion for counseling clients on the benefits of great nutrition and movement to improve overall health. She focuses on blending traditional medicine and alternative therapies to pursue optimal wellness. Liz has also been a nutrition coach for the last several years, and employs an honest and straightforward approach with clients. She loves getting to know people and what makes them tick. Connecting with clients on a personal level allows her to provide unwavering support and tough love when necessary. Her coaching strategy involves finding ways for clients to make small changes to achieve a healthier lifestyle and better overall health.

Liz loves to be outdoors, and has competed in a marathon, several half-marathons, and a number of other races. More recently, she has begun competing in obstacle course racing, including the Tough Mudder and Spartan races. She started crossfit about two years ago and found the combination of strength training with gymnastic movement to be right up her alley.

Liz’s energy and love for people allows her to passionately engage people who are motivated to improve their lives and find joy and fun along the way. She loves coaching because it allows her to combine her education and experience with her zest for life, and her clients benefit from both her extensive knowledge and whole-hearted support.

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