The BITE Difference

One of our most frequently asked questions is “What’s different about BITE?” There are so many nutrition and fitness coaching programs out there, and it’s hard to decide who to go with, or when it’s time to jump ship from a program that’s not working for you. So without further ado, here’s the low-down.

We started BITE Nutrition after several decades of nutrition and fitness coaching between us. We have first-hand experience with just about every diet, nutrition and exercise program out there. We kept what has worked well and ditched what didn’t. The program we’ve created unlike most other coaching programs.

Respect for clients

First and foremost, we respect you as an individual. We are not your parents, nor have we arrived at some health nirvana where we don’t have the same struggles you do. We have busy, sometimes chaotic lives, just like you, and we’ve figured out some strategies to make sure we’re prioritizing our health in the midst of the busyness. That’s what we’d like to share with you. We practice what we preach. If our plan isn’t working, that is our fault, not yours. We’ve had just about enough of coaches who berate and belittle clients, thankyouverymuch, and we believe there’s a better, more respectful way to help you reach YOUR goals (not OUR goals for you).

Truly custom plans

We meet each client where they are, creating a completely custom plan that takes your current fitness, your goals, and your obstacles into consideration. We don’t pigeon hole our clients into one plan. While having one plan for everyone makes it easier to automate and take on a very large number of clients, we’ve found it isn’t conducive to getting great results. We can create macro-based plans, portion-based plans, habit-based plans, or some combination of those to create a unique plan suited for you.

Holistic care for each client

You are more than a number. You are more than your weight, or your carb grams, or your calories, or your deadlift max. We want to know all about that, but we also want to know about your crazy in-laws and your new puppy and your stressful job and your busy kiddos. It all affects your health, and those aren’t excuses, they’re your reality! We understand that life is crazy sometimes, and we want to help you prioritize your health and fitness within the framework of real life.

Limited number of clients per coach

Because we create custom plans and work very closely with each client, we accept a very limited number of coaching clients. We have experienced the large-scale, automated coaching model, and it generally results in burned-out, frustrated coaches and clients who feel ignored and confused. We typically open new coaching spots every 2-3 months as new spots are available. We have found this model to be more sustainable for coaches and more importantly, produces much better results for clients.

Focus on lifetime habits

There are fairly limited circumstances where you need to weigh, measure and track macros and calories. Certainly, a higher degree of precision is necessary for a specific short-term goal like making weight for a competition. But for most of us mortals, a much more sustainable approach is one that is habit-based. We find that many clients have been told what to eat, and when, for so long, that they’ve lost the ability to truly feel hunger and satiety cues. Our goal is to teach you skills and strategies that will help you rediscover your body’s natural ability to self-regulate. Over time, these skills and strategies become habits that allow you to maintain your ideal weight without constantly dieting and/or over-exercising. It’s a slower but monumentally more sustainable approach than most out there.

Don’t take our word for it – the vast majority of our new clients come through referrals, and we think that says it all. If you’d like to read about how past and current clients feel about working with us, check out our Client Testimonials.

Want to experience the BITE difference first-hand? We’d love to have you join our free social group on Facebook. You can get to know our coaches and other members a bit, and see if BITE is right for you. Request to join here: BITE Nutrition Social Group