To Open or not to Open? That is the Question!

Written by BITE Coach Catharine Adams

“Should I do the Open???” I had a conversation about this yesterday with a 1:1 coaching client (whom I adore). She’s got all kinds of major events going on in her life, one after the other. It’s made her commitment to training and nutrition a little lower on the priority scale than usual. She wasn’t sure if she should participate in the Crossfit Open – her fitness level just isn’t what it was a few mo nths ago, and she was feeling pretty down about it.

During our chat, I realized I felt the same way. I’ve been plagued with injuries and work stress this past year, and I’m just getting back to my normal routine.

Why would I do the Open when I’m not going to place well?

While listening to this gal as a coach, instead of my having own internal dialogue, my thoughts changed dramatically. I really want her to do the Open! It’s a fantastic way to get excited about training, and have it springboard and motivate us into this next year.

The Open is about so much more than just a ranking on the Leaderboard. It’s the anticipation of what Dave Castro will put out, how the crowds and professional athletes respond, and feeling like you’re part of something global. All while improving your health! It’s a huge win.

For those who are part of a Crossfit community, it’s a great time to bond with your swole-mates as you groan during the announcement, strategize together, and enjoy some healthy competition.

So if you’re like me, and you might not be in top form, what do you have to lose? Get out there, work hard, and have a good time. Bring it!

Catharine Adams is the co-founder of BITE Nutrition, and was first introduced to the importance of health and fitness when she began working as a care-worker/counselor at a world-renowned eating disorder clinic. She later combined her active lifestyle and desire to care for and help others. Combined with her extensive background and experience, her collaborative and positive approach produces results. Want to work with Catharine? Sign up now!

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